DOLSAR has contributed to many projects and has substantial experience in a wide range of fields. Selected projects reflecting DOLSAR’s experience under each specific field is given under the related headings. Company’s general experience can be briefly summarised as follows:

In the field of
Energy, DOLSAR has vast experience related to various types of power plants, switchyards, substations and energy transmission lines. Especially in the field of hydroelectric power plants, DOLSAR represents the leading experience in Turkey as it had provided engineering and consultancy services for more than hundred hydropower projects with installed capacities ranging from 1.2 MW to 4320 MW and totalling to some 24000 MW. These projects include the largest hydroelectric power plants in Turkey and in the world such as Dasu (4320 MW), Atatürk (2400 MW), Karakaya (1800 MW), Keban (1340 MW) and Ilısu (1200 MW). The total installed capacity of the projects for which DOLSAR has performed Owner's Engineer's services, covering all the engineering and consultancy activities, at all stages of the same project from planning stage up to the commissioning, including preparation of feasibility report, final design, technical specifications and tender documents, contract negotiations and finalisation of construction and permanent equipment procurement contracts as well as the construction supervision, is around 12000 MW. 

In the field of Water and Land Resources, DOLSAR has contributed to several projects at various stages related to dams, reservoirs, irrigation and drainage, water supply and distribution, sewerage and storm water drainage.  DOLSAR has successfully provided engineering and consultancy services for more than hundred dams, reservoirs and weirs with various types and heights ranging from few meters up to 270 m. These projects include the largest dams in Turkey and in the world from the height point of view such as Yusufeli (270 m), Deriner (249 m), Dasu (242 m), Ermenek (230 m) and from the fill volume point of view such as Atatürk (84.5 million m3). DOLSAR has also contributed to several irrigation projects totalling to an irrigation land of more than 2 million hectares including projects such as the Management, Operation and Maintenance of GAP (Southeastern Anatolia Project) Irrigation Systems Project. DOLSAR has contributed to the water supply and distribution projects of the large cities and various towns including Ankara, İzmir and Adana and challenging projects such as Cyprus Water Supply Project. The company has contributed to the sewerage and storm water drainage projects of several cities and settlements including large cities such as Eskişehir and Muğla and 10 provinces in Azerbaijan and also contributed to the several tunnels for the purpose of irrigation, energy production and water supply including the projects such as Şanlıurfa Tunnels (total length 52 km, diameter 7,62) which is one of the longest tunnels in the world.

In the field of Transportation, DOLSAR has performed the engineering and consultancy services for several roads, highways, railways and ports projects and their appurtenant structures including tunnels and bridges. The total length of roads, highways and railways projects for which engineering and consultancy services have been performed sums up to more than 1000 km.

In the field of Buildings, DOLSAR’s experience covers the engineering and consultancy services provided for various types of buildings including educational facilities, laboratory buildings, mass housing, business centres, sports facilities and shopping malls. Experience in this field includes projects such as; Business Centres in Kocaeli, Gölcük and Yalova provinces constructed under the Turkey Infrastructure and Urban Reconstruction Project, Educational Facilities in 16 provinces within the scope of the Support to Basic Education Project in Turkey, National Food Reference Laboratory in Ankara and Forensic Laboratories in İstanbul, İzmir, Diyarbakır and Adana.

In the field of Environment, DOLSAR is authorised by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation to conduct environmental impact assessment studies as well as environmental impact monitoring services and have been performing such services for several projects especially in the fields of energy, water supply and transportation. DOLSAR has been providing similar services for international financing institutions, ECA’s and possesses extensive experience related to such studies as well. DOLSAR also provides engineering and consultancy services for waste water and potable water treatment plants as well as solid waste projects with several assignments completed in these areas.

Regional Planning is one of the fields for which DOLSAR possesses extensive experience. Besides the multipurpose projects such as development of water and land resources, energy production, flood control, water supply and  irrigation such as “Fırat Karasu Basin Master Plan”, DOLSAR also performs specific panning studies such as “Konya basin Draught Management plan” and also large scale regional development plans such as TR83 Region Regional Development Plan (Yeşilırmak Basin Development Project) which covers urban and rural Infrastructure (energy, communication, transportation, settlement pattern and urbanization, water resources, housing, disaster risks) , social structure (demographics, education, health, culture,  income distribution, employment, labour life and social security services, institutionalization), economical structure (mining, energy, agriculture, forestry, fishery, water and land resources, water supply, industry, transportation, communication, construction, services, tourism, financial structure) and environment (environmental pollution and pollutant sources, water contamination, air pollution, noise pollution, soil contamination, erosion, flora, fauna, hydrophilic /aquatic organisms and watery fields).

In the scope of Lenders Engineering, DOLSAR provides technical consultancy services for several projects, including the largest and most important investments in the fields of energy and transportation. The total installed capacity of the energy projects for which DOLSAR have been performing technical consultancy services exceeds 3000 MW. Similar experience in the field of transportation includes 407 km long Gebze-İzmir Motorway which also includes one of the world longest suspension bridge with a length of 3.1 km.

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Regional Planning
Lenders Engineering
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