In the field of Energy, DOLSAR has vast experience related to various types of power plants, including hydroelectric, thermal, solar, wind and nuclear as well as switchyards, substations and energy transmission lines. Especially in the field of hydroelectric power plants, with engineering and consultancy services successfully performed for more than two hundred hydropower projects with installed capacities ranging from 1.2 MW to 4,500 MW, DOLSAR represents the leading experience in Turkey. The installed capacities of those projects totals to some 35,000 MW, including the largest hydroelectric power plants in Turkey and in the world such as Diamer Basha (4,500 MW), Dasu (4,320 MW), Atatürk (2,400 MW), Karakaya (1,800 MW), Keban (1,340 MW) and Ilısu (1,200 MW). Approximately 60% of the above-mentioned total installed power capacity of 35,000 MW belongs to the projects in Turkey and 40% belongs to the projects abroad. Considering that Turkey’s estimated total hydroelectric energy potential is 48,000 MW and approximately 30,000 MW of this amount is in operation by the end of 2020, the magnitude of DOLSAR’s experience in this field is evident.

DOLSAR’s experience in this field covers all of the engineering and consultancy services of a project from planning to the commissioning including preparation of master plan and feasibility reports, conceptual/final design, application drawings, technical specifications, bill of quantities, cost estimates, tender documents and loan application reports, assistance to the Clients during contract negotiations as well as performance of construction supervision, permanent equipment installation supervision, factory tests and site tests, preliminary and final acceptances, commissioning, monitoring and rehabilitation services. DOLSAR also provides Lenders’ Technical Advisory services at all stages of projects, as mentioned above, for banks and international financial institutions that contribute to the financing of projects carried out by investors under the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT), Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) or auto-producer models.

DOLSAR is a member of Turkish National Committee of World Energy Council (WEC) and International Hydropower Association (IHA) and holds certification related to the Provision of Engineering and Consultancy Services for Nuclear Power Plants given by Turkish Atomic Energy Administration.

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