In the field of Environment, DOLSAR conducts environmental and social impact assessment and monitoring services and also performs engineering and consultancy services in relation with potable water treatment plants, waste water treatment plants, deep see discharge facilities, waste management, flood and drought management.

DOLSAR is authorised and certified by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation to conduct environmental impact assessment studies as well as environmental impact monitoring services and have been performing such services for numerous projects especially in the fields of energy, water supply and transportation. DOLSAR has been providing similar services for international financing institutions, ECA’s and possesses extensive experience related to such studies as well.

DOLSAR’s experience related to potable treatment plants covers several projects with capacities ranging from 42,500 m3/day to 1,050,000 m3/day including Gaziantep (Düzbağ-Kartalkaya) Potable Water Treatment Plant (1,050,000 m3/day), Antalya –Karacaören Potable Water Treatment Plant (700,000 m3/day) and İzmit Potable Water Treatment Plant (480,000 m3/day). Likewise DOLSAR’s experience related to wastewater treatment plants covers numerous projects with capacities ranging from 3.240 m3/day to 202,800 m3/day including Van Wastewater Treatment Plant (202,800 m3/day), Serik (Antalya) Wastewater Treatment Plant (135,000 m3/day) and Gebze (Kocaeli) Wastewater Treatment Plant (120,000 m3/day).

In the field of environment, DOLSAR also conducts large scale studies related to flood and drought management plans. DOLSAR’s experience includes studies such as Marmara Basin Flood Management Plan, Edirne-Ergene Flood Protection Planning Report and Drought Management Plans for Kızılırmak, Konya, Antalya, Burdur Basins.

(Selected Projects – Environment)