Marmara Basin Flood Management Plan

Drought Management Plan for Kızılırmak Basin

Edirne-Ergene Planning Flood Protection

Technical Assistance on Economic Analysis within River Basin Management Plans and Efficiency Aspects in 3 Pilot Basins

Needs Assesment of Wastewater and Solid Waste Facilities

Paşaköy Wastewater Treatment Plant

Gaziantep (Düzbağ and Kartalkaya) Potable Water Treatment Plant

Drought Management Plan for Antalya and Burdur Basins

Arkun Dam and HEPP-EIA Report and EIA Monitoring

Drought Management Plan for Konya Basin

Izmit Urban and Industrial Water Supply, Potable Water Treatment Plant

Fethiye Wastewater Management

Çankırı Potable Water Treatment Plant

Gebze (Kocaeli) Wastewater Treatment Plant

Siirt Solid Waste Management Project

Çandarlı Port – EIA