In the field of Water, DOLSAR has contributed to several projects at various stages related to dams, reservoirs, weirs, water supply and distribution, sewerage and storm water, irrigation and drainage.

DOLSAR has successfully provided engineering and consultancy services for more than two hundred dams, reservoirs and weirs in various types and heights ranging from few meters up to 272 m. These projects include the largest dams in Turkey and in the world from the height point of view such as Diamer Basha (272 m), Yusufeli (270 m), Deriner (249 m), Dasu (242 m), Ermenek (230 m) and from the fill volume point of view such as Atatürk (84.5 million m3). DOLSAR has also contributed to the water supply and distribution projects of the large cities and various towns including Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Adana, Gaziantep and some provinces in Azerbaijan and Pakistan and challenging projects such as Cyprus Water Supply Project.  DOLSAR’s experience also covers sewerage and storm water projects of several cities and settlements including Istanbul, Eskişehir, Kahramanmaraş and Muğla and various provinces in Azerbaijan and Pakistan. DOLSAR has also contributed to several irrigation projects totalling to an irrigation area of more than 2 million hectares including projects such as the Management, Operation and Maintenance of GAP (Southeastern Anatolia Project) Irrigation Systems Project. DOLSAR represents extensive experience in tunnels for irrigation, energy production and water supply including projects such as the Şanlıurfa Tunnels (total length 52 km, diameter 7.62 m) which is among the longest irrigation tunnels in the world.

In the field of water, DOLSAR also conducts large scale studies related to basin management, as well as water supply, sewerage master plans and rural development plans. DOLSAR’s experience includes studies such as Istanbul Water and Sewerage Master Plan, Ankara Water Supply Master Plan and Feasibility Study, Kızılırmak Basin Master Plan and Akarçay, West Blacksea, Yeşilırmak Basins Management Plans.

DOLSAR is authorised and certified by the State Hydraulic Works of Turkish Republic, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to conduct Construction Supervision Services for Water and Hydraulic Structures.

(Selected Projects- Water)